the only mystery worth solving.


You watch us run.

It’s heartbreaking how River pleads with him to listen to her. To at least hear her. Because now she’s been to the Library. And the last thing she remembers is a young Doctor who wouldn’t listen. One she had to give up her own life to protect. And so she begins to loose it and in desperation tries to slap him because if it worked on Vastra, maybe it could work on him too. But it doesn’t need to because he’s touching her. Looking right at her. And he’s — angry. Because she should have known! But she doesn’t. So he reveals to her what she’s failed to see since they’ve been together. That he had learned from his mistake. That he always listens. Then he brings her hand up against his chest and she finally gets it. She had been dead to him all along and it never stopped him from hearing her. So why would it start now?

"It’s been life-changing. From the mad things you do while making it, to the experiences you get from traveling around the world promoting it. The Americans love it, which is fabulous. I love that it’s so quintessentially British, yet so globally huge. The scene of me on the back of a motorbike with The Doctor, driving past Big Ben - I’ve never felt more British in my life!" — Jenna Coleman for Glamour UK (June 2014)

There’s never been anyone or anything he’s treasured more than you.

River Song + Pastel Colors (requested by michellevisages)

Another shot of down at EU premiere

And I want these words to make things right, but it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life


endless list of favourite characters: martha jones

"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."