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it's doctor who time mofos.


really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000

lovinglivingjustexisting replied to your post:ok so for halloween i want to either be gamora or…



no no nope that song is actually creepier now than it was then oh my god

the fact that i still remember almost every word to ‘the beast and the harlot’ and ‘a little piece of heaven’ by a7x just shows how hard i rocked my scene phase in middle school


just know that I will remember you
if living was the hardest part
we’ll then one day be together
and in the end we’ll fall apart
just like the leaves change in colors
and then I will be with you 
I will be there one last time now

It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Deathwish
My Chemical Romance

i did it. i downloaded it. i’m so ashamed.

♕ clara in every episode 8.01 deep breath
marcus aurelius, roman emperor. last one of the five good and stoic philosopher…and the only pin-up i ever had on my wall when i was fifteen
- Do you love him?
- No.
- Really had enough of the lies.